On a winters day, there is nothing like the warmth and comfort of carpet beneath our feet. But what happens when we don’t take care of our carpets?

Carpets are great for trapping allergens, dust and all manner of contaminants until they can be removed. However, if they are not removed the excessive build-up of grim can have an adverse effect on the indoor environment.

Carpet is a lovely addition to a home, with the large variety of colours and patterns available it can enhance the décor dramatically.  However, carpeting the house is a hefty investment, but well-worth it for the long term comfort it provides. It is important to look after your investment, regular cleaning and maintenance is imperative for the longevity of your carpet. Soil, sand and dirt all have degrading qualities that can erode away at your carpets. With regular professional cleaning, you can have all the dirt extracted out of your beautiful carpet and enjoy a lovely fresh scent.

When a carpet has been soiled repeatedly it can definitely have an adverse effect on the overall appearance of a room. Whilst you can cover some unsightly stains with a rug or a piece of furniture, when a carpet is becoming a bit tired and dirty it’s time to get the carpet cleaners in for a bit of a revival. Once you see the difference a clean carpet can make to the overall appearance of your room you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

It is important to note that dark stains on lighter carpets are best tended to sooner rather than later to avoid permanent damage.

Carpet cleaning removes the dust mites in the fibres, this will effectively improve air quality and subsequent allergies.

When investing in a carpet don’t forget to check your warranty, sometimes the warranty is only valid if you maintain your carpet with regular cleaning.

Whatever your reasons are for cleaning your carpet, whether you are wanting to sell your house and need to enhance your home, or you want to transform your living space with a freshen up, Emerald Carpet and Pest Services can revamp your carpet and even add in-carpet protection to prolong its life and condition. Call Emerald Carpet and Pest Services today for a quality service.

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Emerald Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Services is a family owned business, operating in Brisbane since 1998 with a strong focus on customer service, punctuality, and value for money.
As one of the most respected carpet cleaners on Brisbane's Northside, our experienced technicians are experts in all aspects of carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and also pest control services.
To ensure you receive top quality cleaning, our technicians are fully trained by the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute. This means our carpet cleaners in Northside Brisbane work to the highest standard and follow the recommendations of major carpet manufacturers.
Additionally, we use truck mounted machines for optimum results, and professional portable machines for clients in locations where vehicle access is limited (for example, high rise buildings).
Emerald Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Services is committed to providing the best possible service. As such, upon arrival at your Brisbane property we will discuss any areas of concern and particular problems that need addressing.

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