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If you mention floods to your neighbours, they will all have their own horror stories to tell. Brisbane has certainly had its share of floods, and flood damage, over the past few years. Of course, most of the carpets and upholstery damaged in our large floods would have had to be thrown out, but when you leave the bath running, or have a roof leak and end up with water damaged carpets or upholstery that need to be cleaned, then call Emerald Carpet and Pest Services for an express quote today!

Due to the expertise of our experienced team, we have become the preferred choice for many Brisbane real estate agents, body corporates, property managers, shops, restaurants, schools and cleaning contractors when it comes to drying out and cleaning your water damaged carpets.

Our promise
We understand that your time is valuable, so we will give you a specific time at which we will arrive. In most cases we will arrive early, and we also give you a ring prior to arrival to let you know that we are on our way.

With water damaged carpet cleaning, the technology and techniques are continually improving and whether it is equipment, chemicals or techniques, if you do not ensure that you stay up to date with current practice, your knowledge base becomes obsolete. Our Brisbane technicians remain among the best trained and most well equipped to solve any water damage problems that you may have.

Water damage is a common carpet cleaning treatment that Emerald Carpet and Pest Services provides in Northside Brisbane. Repairing water damage can be a complex procedure, requiring specialist knowledge and equipment.

To treat water damage we need to know:

  • What is the source of the water damage and has it been eliminated? It is important that the source of the water damage is eliminated.
  • Is it clean water, dirty water or sewage? It is advisable to repair whatever has caused the damage, be it a leaking water pipe, damaged fish tank, broken drain pipe, clogged drain etc.
  • Type or construction of the carpet. The treatment required for a flat laid polypropylene carpet is different to a deep pile wool carpet.
  • Is it a recent problem, or did it happen some time ago, and if so, has it previously been treated? Carpets first need to be dried. In some cases this may also mean the underfelt and floor needs to be dried.

However the water damage has occurred, the experts at Emerald Carpet and Pest Service can help.

Call our Brisbane office today for your express quote on 3256 6632 NOW!

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