The upholstery in our Brisbane homes takes a beating, especially if your household includes children or pets! That grubby, discoloured look, any mysterious odours or stains leave your furniture looking unattractive and it can also be downright unhealthy. Regular upholstery cleaning in your Brisbane home is a must!

High Quality Steam Cleaning

Having all of  your household upholstery cleaned by a professional is the most effective way to ensure your upholstered surfaces not only look, feel and smell great, but they will last longer and stand up to the harshest of treatments.

Our experienced upholstery cleaning team in Brisbane have the expertise to be able to safely remove unsightly marks and stains on your furniture as well as ensuring a deep, complete clean to remove all unwanted dirt and dust.

Emerald Carpet and Pest Services can clean these surfaces for you:

  • Fabric Lounges
  • Leather Upholstery
  • Fabric Recliners
  • Dining Chairs
  • Rugs
  • Mattresses


How long has it been?

That will be the first question you’ll be asked when getting your upholstery cleaned. A 2-year-old lounge suite in good condition is inevitably easier to clean than a 10-year-old lounge suite that has been heavily used.

You’ll then be asked if there are any specific problems with the furniture (e.g. urine contamination, vomit, pet hair etc.). It is vital that any of these issues are rectified before your upholstery is cleaned.

So once the age of the furniture has been established and any problems attended to, what is involved in upholstery cleaning?

  • First the item is vacuumed (if required) then pre-sprayed using specially formulated detergents, surfactants, and deodorisers.
  • We then gently massage the detergent into the fabric to break up soiling and bring it to the surface. Special attention is paid to any problem areas or stains. Additionally, backs, arm rests and cushions usually require more detailed attention.
  • The detergent is then extracted from all areas, and problem areas are re-cleaned until a satisfactory result is achieved.
  • Finally the item is deodorised to smell as clean and fresh as it looks.

At Emerald Carpet and Pest Services in Brisbane, our professional team is able to clean fabric lounge suites, rugs, dining chairs, or mattresses.


Your mattress can look as good as new, but we have all seen stories about what is hiding in there…

Our mattresses should be cleaned at least once every six months by a professional cleaner, who uses an extraction method that will ensure a reduction in any allergens in the mattress. You can also use a neutralising spray between professional cleans to reduce any allergen irritants.

To ensure the bed bugs and allergens are kept to a minimum, Emerald Carpet and Pest Services also recommends:

  • Washing your sheets in hot water at least once a week.
  • Washing pillows at least four times each year, unless you use a mite proof cover.
  • Washing all blankets and comforters at least once a month.
  • Have your mattresses professionally cleaned at least once every six months.

To make sure your upholstery remains looking ‘as new’, call the experts at Emerald Carpet and Pest Services on 3256 6632 NOW!

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