Water damage is a common cause of problems with carpet. Whether your carpet has had water damage due to flooding, an accident, or an appliance malfunction, it’s important to act quickly.

In addition to cosmetic problems, water damage can lead to the growth of mould in carpets. The likelihood of this happening can be reduced by following these six simple steps:

Step One: Address the Cause

What is causing the water damage? If it’s a leak or another problem that can be fixed, take steps to do so as soon as you can. This can limit the extent of the damage.

Step Two: Move Furniture

Can you see the full extent of the water damage? Make sure that you check carpet underneath furniture or other items that might otherwise hide areas of damage. Left unaddressed, these areas make for effective places for mould to grow.

Step Three: Call the Professionals

If you’re concerned about water damage, you can have the damage addressed by a professional carpet cleaner. Ensure that the carpet cleaner has the equipment required to repair your carpet. Water damage is an area that requires a different approach, compared to ordinary carpet cleaning. Special equipment is necessary for an effective job.

Step Four: Have Your Carpets Repaired

Your carpet cleaner will assess the damage, and provide a specialist treatment service that might vary, depending on the carpet type, the kind of water damage, and many other factors.

Step Five: Maintain Your Carpet

It’s important to continue having your carpets cleaned regularly, especially after water damage. This regular professional cleaning can help to maximise the lifespan of your carpet.

Step Six: Check for Further Leaks

As part of your housework routine, be sure to check for any recurrence of your original water leak problem. If there is further water damage, taking quick steps to address it can help to ensure that damage is minimized.

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