It’s unlikely that you will ever see a home that does not have the odd unwanted house guest. Whether it’s a fly, ant, cockroach or spider you may be lucky enough that a supermarket bug spray will rid you of your nasty houseguests. However, if you are experiencing more than just the odd encounter, it may be time to get a professional in.

Whilst Queenslanders have the perks of living in a beautiful warm climate year round, it does come with its shortfalls, it’s not uncommon to see ants and cockroaches. However, with the right treatment you can go back to enjoying Queensland without all the nasty surprises.

In some infestation instances, you can find the source and all it takes is a household bug spray and a quick cover up job to stop the outdoors coming indoors, however when you’ve exhausted the supermarket shelf options and realise the problem is not going away but actually getting worse, then it’s time to call in the professionals.

When you take into consideration the reason for better health globally is the advances in technology in the pharmaceutical vaccines, better sanitation and better pest control, you do need to consider the best thing for you and your families’ health.

Getting rid of cockroaches is not just a case of killing the visible ones, but even the most minor amount of cockroaches can mean there are more hidden away. Cockroaches contaminate food and spread disease and filth. If these are not taken care of they will multiply until the problem escalates.

Rats are not only disease ridden creatures that carry salmonella, the plague and many other serious diseases they are also responsible for a large number of electrical fires, due to them chewing through the wires. It is not safe or sanitary to have rodents roaming your home.

Whilst ants do not really pose a health risk to your family, be prepared to share your food and living space with them, they don’t travel alone and only travel in packs.

Fleas can cause unwanted pain and discomfort, as these parasites feast on the blood of their host to survive. Whilst you may find the culprit that gave your dog or cat that nasty bite, you can guarantee there’s more.

To rid your home of those nasty bugs and pests, call Emerald Carpet and Pest Services for your express quote on 3256 6632.

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